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A conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest are a thorny problem and there are not many practical guidelines available to decide how best to apply the LPC’s rules.


Making more time

Time is money. In this short presentation, we discuss the value of time and how to best manage it and how to maximise your productivity by making the right decisions.


Plain English (Drafting)

This module considers the all-important element of risk in the drafting of a contract, using the basic elements to construct a balanced contract, taking account of risk for each party and how to address it.


The basics of drafting a contract – Part 1

This module can be completed as a follow on to the Plain English (Drafting) module. It addresses basic rules for drafting, particularly in contracts.







Making headway as a graduate or young lawyer

Graduates and young lawyers face serious social and financial challenges.

This infographic illustrates some of the other issues law graduates feel are blocking their path to the future, and was compiled following a survey of law students and graduates about their workplace readiness. Similar concerns are apparent from posts on social media group pages.

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