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Clearlaw is a South African company committed to improving the quality of legal services and providing practical insights into law and legal matters.

Our multi-disciplinary team, many of whom are members of the law society, has decades of experience in business law and legal practice.  We produce and curate quality content for legal education.


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Making headway as a graduate or young lawyer

Graduates and young lawyers face serious social and financial challenges in 2020.  The economic environment, particularly during the pandemic, has also taken an emotional toll.  It must seem impossible to move the needle in these circumstances.

This infographic illustrates some of the other issues law graduates feel are blocking their path to the future, and was compiled following a survey of law students and graduates about their workplace readiness.   Similar concerns are apparent from posts on social media group pages.

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Clearlaw’s affordable online courses, or ‘micro-learning’ for all legal practitioners are in line with international best practise in continuing legal development.

You can boost your confidence by improving your knowledge base and get some insight into the workings of a future workplace.  You can dive deeper into topics you may have learnt about but are unclear how to put into practise, like drafting; or understand what is required from legal practitioners to measure up to the ethical standards of a ‘fit and proper’ person.

Addressing soft skills such as self-confidence, communication skills, problem-solving, time-management and even dress code must seem unimportant in the face of all of the current turmoil, and yet they could also create the stepping stones you need for your future.

Our partners have also built unit-standard accredited courses to equip you with these important but less tangible tools.  Find out more by contacting for individual or group classes all of which can take place online during lockdown.


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The three “V’s” of contracts – Valid, void, or voidable and see our #contracts modules and drafting 1, 2, and 3 @ClearlawSA
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@blalecafr Happy to collaborate on #training for #lawyers - see our website @ClearlawSA
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@CentreEnvRights: The pair of landmark judgments handed down by the South African Constitutional Court on Monday for the first time recognise SLAPP as an abuse of process. Read the full judgments and our statement 👇
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Take the #sexualharassment module to learn more about workplace bullying and sexual harassment and how to get a protection order ⬇️
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