A Psychometric Test Geared For South African Law Professionals

By June 1, 2020September 28th, 2022Legal News Articles
A Psychometric Test Geared For South African Law Professionals - June 2020

Direction is everything.  Knowing where you are headed and that you have the right skills and attitude to get there, will determine your future success. The trick is understanding what you are great at, and what needs extra investment. And while you may have been a superstar at university, the law curriculum is geared to teaching you the content of law – not necessarily writing, numeracy and communication, or about your learning potential.  These are key to career development.

A psychometric test can help you understand what needs to be improved and what can be leveraged to move your career forward in a direction that’s right for you. As we know, not everyone is geared for litigation or even to be in a law firm.  There are many possible paths to take!

Developed by SA psychologists and aligned with HPCSA and EE requirements, ClearlawSA’s assessment is valid, reliable, and equitable in application.  It has been customised for the demands of the SA legal sector.  It is perfectly positioned as a baseline to equitably measure your aptitude and highlight areas for improvement.

To sign up for the psychometric test designed for people in law, go to 🔍 and click your way to your future 🖱️ Cost of test and results are R2200 per person.

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