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Constitutional law

The world’s constitutions to read, search and compare.  See

The Constitutional Court Review is the only international journal of record that devotes its attention to the work of South Africa’s highest court. The long essays, replies, articles and case comments use recent decisions to navigate more general currents in the Court’s jurisprudence.  See


The law of contract, FAQs (2019). See



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Tshivhase, A E ; Mpedi, L G ; Reddi, M. (2019). Decolonisation and Africanisation of Legal Education in South Africa. Juta.  Web reference:


Corruption hinders both public and private sector productivity. It perpetuates inequality and poverty, impacting well-being and the distribution of income and undermining opportunities to participate equally in social, economic and political life.  Integrity is essential for building strong institutions and assures citizens that the government is working in their interest, not just for the select few. Integrity is not just a moral issue, it is also about making economies more productive, public sectors more efficient, societies and economies more inclusive. It is about restoring trust, not just trust in government, but trust in public institutions, regulators, banks, and corporations.  In 2017, the OECD adopted a new Recommendation on Public Integrity. Download the brochure at

See the Clearlaw online module on Ethics and the law, and Ethics and Business in the Learning Centre


In Europe

The Commission would like to hear your views on laws and policies currently in development. Click on an initiative to find out more, view feedback, or give your own feedback. Please note that the Commission may decide to modify or abandon an initiative at any time.  See


In South Africa

South African law

The Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) publishes legal information for free public access which comprises mainly of case law from South Africa.  SAFLII also hosts legal materials from other countries in the region which are obtained through partnerships, collaborative efforts and more recently through linking to other Legal Information Institutes established in these regions. All information is offered on a free and open basis subject to their terms of use and is continuously updated.  See