Corporate Governance Part I

Subject:This is a 2-part course on corporate governance – the guidelines formulated by Mr Mervyn King and captured in the King IV Report. These guidelines identify key principles, practises and outcomes for organisations including companies, as they navigate the increasingly more complex world of ethics, compliance and good business practise.

Purpose:If you complete only Part I you will have a good understanding of the basis of the King IV Report and what it is trying to achieve. You will be able to recognise many of the elements of good corporate governance and explain them. You will also gain high level insight into how organisations can best be structured for optimal risk mitigation, transparency, reporting and decision-making.

Reflection: Once you grasp the essence of what King IV is about, you should understand the purpose of the framework, and be able to place in context its focus on people, profit and planet.

Approx. time: 40-60 minutes

Price: R450.00

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