Do you know what a SEIAS is?

Subject: The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment System in South Africa (when you have read the rest of the description of this module, click on this link to go to the Guidelines)

Purpose: This module is intended to (i) expose you to the type of government document that has wide-ranging consequences for the rule of law; (ii) ensure that you know where to look for this sort of document; and (iii) determine if you have read and understood the document. A SEIAS is a critical way of thinking and particularly important for administrators and lawmakers who must make rules. It is vital that the making of rules is not undertaken in isolation from the likely effect of those rules and consideration of whether there may be another way to achieve the outcome sought.

Reflection: When you have read the Guidelines document carefully, you will need to answer the questions that appear in the text below. Consider whether you have really understood the Guidelines. The answers to the questions appear in this link.

Approx. time: 20 minutes