Ethics and the LPA

Subject: This short course assesses the essence of ethical conduct for lawyers. Our module on Ethics in Business is another take on ethics and supplements this module.

Purpose: An ethical way of doing things or maintaining an ethical approach to life can often be hard to measure. This module unpacks the meaning of ethical conduct and looks at a choice of standards. Ethical behaviour is difficult to define, this module will ensure that you can identify what conduct is ethical and how to make decisions about how you act or react in particular situations. The module is based on standards and models expressed in the Legal Practice Act. Note that the many regulations and guidelines passed from time to time by the LPC may give more information about the ethical conduct required from legal practitioners.

Reflection: Do you understand how your conduct in the past might have been unethical? Can you think of any examples of other people’s conduct that could be said to be unethical under the LPA? How would you go about creating an ethical environment in your law firm? Ensure you are familiar with the requirements of the Legal Practice Act and the regulations, notices and guidelines passed in terms of this Act. Download a ‘Lawyer’s Code’ which summarises the main requirements of the LPA in one place.

Approx. time: 30-60 minutes.

Price: ZAR 450.00

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