Ethics in business

Subject: In this short course we unpack the meaning of ethical conduct in business. This module is a must for compliance officers.

Purpose: An ethical way of doing things or maintaining an ethical approach to life can often be hard to measure.  This module unpacks the meaning of ethical conduct and looks at a choice of standards. The type of ethical conduct required in a business setting may be hard to put your finger on. In this module we look at the sort of actions and behaviour that could be considered to be ethical and what is not ethical. We also investigate the effect of both types of behaviour on the broader world. For lawyers, our module on Ethics under the LPA is another take on ethics and supplements this module.

Reflection: In order to ensure your own conduct is ethical, consider the stakeholders that your business affects, and how your personal beliefs might (or might not) constitute ethical behaviour.

Approx. time: 45-60 minutes.

Price: ZAR 550.00 (bulk licences are discounted)

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