Regulation Part II

Subject: This second module on Regulation reflects on where this type of activity fits into the general framework of law and administration in South Africa. If you are in utility regulation or the public sector, this is a must for you.

Purpose: Regulation as a form of administrative law must be based on considerations of fairness and reason. It is not a common area to study but it is a vital part of enforcement within sectors such as utilities, competition and consumer protection. There are different types of regulation, and this module takes you through the most commonly used forms, noting that these differ in countries and sectors because of a range of factors. This module also aims to provide background to early forms of regulation, and how national bodies have adapted the general principles over time. This module should enable you to situate regulation within the wider framework of legislation and implementation.

Reflection: Why is regulation necessary – can you explain this? What makes regulation different from other forms of law-making and enforcement? What are the usual principles of regulation?  If you cannot answer these questions having done Regulation I and Regulation II, you should redo the modules, and ensure you have considered the recommended reading.

Approx. time: 30-60 minutes

Price: ZAR 350.00

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