Regulation Part III

Subject: Regulation III takes a closer look at a regulated sector and the powers and duties of the regulatory authority for telecommunications, broadcasting and postal services.

Keep checking back for a practical case study of the regulations recently passed under the national state of disaster which will be published to the website soon.

Purpose: Although we recommend you take Modules I and II of Regulation before you attempt this Module III, you can take any one of the Modules without having completed the others. Together, however, they create a full picture of the what, how and why of regulation and its importance in our society. Regulation III takes a more detailed look at the structure of a regulatory body, what the alternatives might be, how a regulator interacts with central government, what impact it could have on investment in a particular sector, and the kinds of activities that a regulator should undertake. If you have completed the SEIAS module, you will be better-equipped to understand the rationale behind regulation.

Reflection: Do you understand the importance of a well-regulated sector for consumers and the economy as a whole? You should be able to put your finger on the key characteristics of regulation, particularly by Chapter 9 institutions in South Africa, and identify the requirements of administrative justice where regulatory bodies are concerned.

Approx. time: 30-60 minutes

Price: ZAR 450.00

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