Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Subject: This module defines sexual harassment in all of its forms, gives examples of how and when it might happen, and sets out the legal position in South Africa in relation to its treatment.

Purpose: Sexual harassment is a complex but pernicious phenomenon. There are very few environments where it cannot or does not occur, and there are not always very clear rules on what to do when it takes place. This module is a comprehensive guide for businesses concerned about the phenomenon of sexual harassment, particularly but not only in the workplace.  This is also a convenient way to educate staff. It refers to employment and other legislation, policy and guidelines, and offers insight into behaviour modification.

Reflection: Do you understand the elements of sexual harassment? You should now be fairly comfortable reporting on or dealing with sexual harassment in your workplace.

CPD: This module carries 3 points.

Approx. time: 45-60 minutes.

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Price: ZAR 450.00 (bulk licences are discounted)

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