The basics of drafting a contract – Part 2

Subject: You need to have completed Contracts Part I in order to make the most of Contracts Part II although each module is a complete module itself. This module takes the drafting of a contract even further, using the basic elements to construct a more complex relationship.

Purpose: Having completed both Parts I, you should be able to approach a drafting exercise with confidence, knowing and understanding what the basic elements of a contract are and with having gained insight into additional concepts such as liability. Your drafting should be clear and concise, and well-ordered.

Reflection: Ensure that you understand why a contract contains certain clauses and how best to ensure clarity in your drafting, avoiding common mistakes or vagueness, which might result in disputes. You can download some notes from the Library.

Approx. time: 30-40 minutes.

Price: ZAR 450.00

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