Human Rights

The topic of sexual violence continues to be a hot debate in the public sphere. One such topic that continues to spark heated debate is the concept of ‘consent’. De Rebus (2020).

From #metoo to #aminext – Addressing gender-based sexual violence in the workplace (September 2019):

Violence and harassment in the workplace: the latest from the ILO (July 2019). See

ILO: Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190), accessible on NORMLEX at

African Human Rights Law Journal (2016).  See

The Legal Practice Council has published its own Sexual Harassment Policy for the profession.  You can download this here.

Also see our online Sexual Harassment module in the Learning Centre which offers a comprehensive look at the definition, identification of types of behaviour, and what to do about this.  The module also considers the position under labour law.

Open access journals: African Human Rights Law