Law Graduates, Are You Ready?

By February 13, 2020September 28th, 2022Legal News Articles
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Are you ready?

It’s January and a new round of law graduates is about to enter your business. You are hopeful that the latest talent will impress you, but also cautious based on previous experience.

To improve your graduate success rate, it’s important to recognise that university doesn’t necessarily prepare students for working life. In the case of law, many universities build the academic foundations and require law students to carry out duties in a law clinic or a legal resources centre, helping those without funds to exercise their legal rights.  This affords some practical experience but does not equip law graduates to translate what they have learnt into billable hours.

To set a solid foundation for your graduates, contact ClearlawSA about the PlaceMe graduate programme.  A combination of a screening law-specific psychometric test, an established learning schedule, performance reviews and mentoring, assists with building the experience needed to develop a career in law.  The tax breaks and improvements in your BEE level also ensure ongoing business sustainability. Go to or email to sign up today!

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