Law Professionals Move To Online Learning

By May 13, 2020June 1st, 2020Legal News Articles
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The world has moved online, and with this, law professionals have embraced a new reality.  ClearlawSA, as a microlearning online platform for law professionals has seen unprecedented growth within the last two months.  From advocates to candidate attorneys, paralegals, recent graduates, and more, our registrations and completion of courses have more than quadrupled within a week of lockdown being instituted.

We now live in a digital environment where working from home is the standard.  To drive business continuity, the use of Zoom or Teams meetings is the norm. With no travel and less meetings, our audience has embraced this opportunity to invest in themselves and their future by signing up for ClearlawSA’s online courses that have been developed to expand and deepen legal professionals’ technical law and business skills.

With online courses that comprise a range of subjects including drafting, compliance, SEIAS, ethics, and the LPA, and regulations to build young lawyers’ technical skills, there are also courses on making more time and communicating with clients to build business skills. 

Take the time, take the opportunity, to build your career and future success by signing up for ClearlawSA’s online courses at 

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