PlaceMe Programme for Law Graduates

By February 13, 2020September 28th, 2022Legal News Articles
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Do you believe graduates are equipped to enter the workplace? Law firms are becoming increasingly competitive with a greater focus on the bottom line. They weigh up the cost of training against future value. Often the equation falls short.

The realities are that the profession needs a pipeline of future lawyers, but this comes at a cost.  Part of this is accepting that university “book smarts” does not necessarily translate into a great employee.  Factors like independence, being pragmatic, work ethic, attitude, business aptitude and client management often have a higher impact on career success.  These are things that universities rarely teach because they are practical skills, not theoretical, and often personal in nature. Once employers accept the realities of what universities offer, they can develop a programme that fast tracks graduates to translate law into revenue.

To take part in the PlaceMe graduate programme that combines a screening law-specific psychometric test, an established learning schedule, performance reviews and mentoring with tax breaks and improvements in your BEE level, go to or email

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