We would like to introduce you to PlaceMe, a programme for law graduates aimed at building skills and creating employment opportunities. PlaceMe connects law firms and other legal sector entities (public and private) with qualifying law graduates – interns –  allowing those employers to reap the benefits of enhanced BEE scores, while making a contribution to the practise of law in South Africa in all its many guises.

The idea was born even before Yes4Youth was launched but it is hoped that it can be a useful addition to this programme. See for more details.

The 12-month programme is intended to enable an increase in the number of jobs available to law graduates who are struggling to find articles or a permanent position. This infographic illustrates the difficulties currently facing these graduates, and was compiled following a survey of law students and graduates about their workplace readiness.

PlaceMe assists participating employers by providing internship training, using our bespoke materials and methodologies. Our training focuses on practical skills that will equip candidates for future employment. PlaceMe also offers a programme consisting in a choice of rotations within other firms and public sector entities, a learning schedule, performance reviews, and mentoring or guidance. Even if a permanent job is not on offer after the programme, we believe the graduate will stand a better chance of gaining employment in the sector, and making a contribution to our economy.

If you are a law graduate or current law student, we are currently finalising a special psychometric test for you that will indicate whether you may need to spend more time improving your literacy, numeracy and comprehension, or whether you are coping well in these areas.  This will help us to create appropriate training for you to ensure that you improve your employability and are able to upskill.  Watch social media for more details – expected launch date 1 June 2020.

If you are interested or require more information, please contact us at

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