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Programme content and structure:


  • All topics addressed should be listed together with any materials/products/ technologies to be used
  • The activity should have a scientific or educational purpose only
  • Educational content should aim to be authoritative, accurate, based on balanced evidence and free from unjustifiable claims or bias
  • The event/course should be awarded a maximum of 6 credits per day

For the purposes of CPD, this module carries 3 points [for sexual harassment].  However, you must pass the test to become eligible for CPD points.  You may take the test more than once.

The CPD certificate will reflect your CPD points for this module.  The CPD certificate will be stored and will be available to you when you log in to your account.  You may print this certificate.

Target audience:

Lawyers, graduates, students, interested persons, HR departments

Learning aims:

There should be a clear statement of what a participant is expected to learn and of how the learning is to be demonstrated

  • The learning aims must be specifically defined to indicate what knowledge or skills the participants are expected to obtain as a result
  • The learning aims should be measurable

This module will ensure that the user has a basic to good understanding of the elements of the behaviour termed ‘sexual harassment’ and its elements, and associated information including the requirements of South African labour law.  This understanding will be tested as part of the module.

This module and test is presented entirely online and is available to the registered user on receipt of the fee.  You will need to have access to a secure electronic device that can connect to the internet at a reasonable broadband speed to make payment, register, and complete the course and the online test.