Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

By February 13, 2020September 28th, 2022Legal News Articles
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We’ve all heard about the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.  It’s a cause many of us have Liked and Shared on social media.  Despite the widespread support, the translation to local context, has gained little traction within the South African workplace.

Daily, many graduates entering the workplace or junior rising stars believe their employability and ability to progress in their career depends on “playing the game”. This poses a risk to the organisation and to all the parties involved. Whether it’s the graduate that lodges a complaint with HR, or employee responses when observing inappropriate fraternalization, or gossip about the leadership team, it all creates risk that could impact your organisation’s reputation.

To manage this risk, education around “what’s real”, “what’s right” and what is law, is the start of the journey. ClearlawSA offers a short 1-hour online course for only R650 per person for HR, employees and legal professionals. Sign up now to start the journey today! #sexualharrassment #culture #reputation #employeemotivation #hr #riskmanagement #cle #cpd #law #continuouslearning #onlinelearning #lawprofessionals #technology #careerpath #legaleducation #legaleducation