What Are Your Law Career Options?

By February 13, 2020September 28th, 2022Legal News Articles
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When you think of a career in law, most people think of drafting contracts, dealing with consumer complaints, disputes or divorces.  Have you considered what your preferred career path in law would be?

The world of law is so much wider than conventional thinking with careers ranging from regulatory law, to in-house counsel or even working for the Human Rights Commission.

Kerron Edmunson, the founder of ClearlawSA and a regulatory law specialist has pursued a career path that includes drafting laws, policies and regulations and advice on implementation and impact.  Colleagues of hers are competition law specialists while many more colleagues work as in-house legal counsel for large companies, ranging from retailers like Pick n Pay to mining companies.

Opportunities to work in the legal profession are vast.  There are so many different types of lawyers, and so many ways to use a legal degree.  An LLB can be an excellent stepping-stone to commerce, becoming a lecturer or establishing yourself within a large law firm.

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